Calm Your Stress & Stay Safe on the Road

  • Chronic Stress Harms the Brain

    Research shows the significant harm that chronic stress can do to brains. The adolescent brain, due to its stage of development, is particularly at risk. Learn what chronic stress does to your brain and then the key strategies to protect your brain, keep it working at optimum strength, and thus staying safe while driving.

  • Empathy Integrates the Developing Adolescent Brain

    Using empathic visualization and listening exercises can lower your stress. Making time each day for the empathy exercises can ease the adolescent brain's propensity to emotional reactivity, risk-taking and reward-seeking. Empathy and mindfulness can save your life and others on the road.

  • Exercise Protects the Brain from Chronic Stress

    Research shows the profound link between exercise and healthy brains. Exercise is remarkably powerful at lowering stress and pumping the brain full of what it needs to grow, develop, learn & integrate. Maximize your safety on the road by using exercise to keep your brain operating at its best.

Course Designer & Teacher

Writer & Educator

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

With a PhD from the University of Toronto in Comparative Literature, Jennifer is an award-winning educator who has taught for twenty years at the university, college and high-school level and also worked with young adults as they are launching their careers. A published author of books & articles, Jennifer believes teens & young adults, teachers, coaches and all who work with young people deserve the most up-to-date information and knowledge, especially when it comes to their well-being and safety. For more, see

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1: How Stress Can Derail You when on the Road

    • How Stress Impacts the Developing Brain

    • Stress Can Derail You Video Part 1

    • Stress Can Derail You Video Part 2

    • Stress Can Derail You Video Part 3

  • 2

    Lesson 2: Learn How to Calm Your Stress

    • Calm Stressful Interactions with Empathy and Exercise

    • Calm Stressful Interactions Video Part 1

    • Calm Stressful Interactions Video Part 2

    • Calm Stressful Interactions Video Part 3

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    • Resources for Further Reading

Ready to Stay Safe on the Road?

You can't change your adolescent brain development, but you can use empathy and exercise to stay safer. Learn how.