Put Your Mind in the Driver's Seat

  • Self-Regulation

    While you cannot change the natural, adolescent brain development phase, you can practice self-regulation. Working in an intentional way to train your brain to be more calm, focused and aware can keep you safer.

  • Mindfulness

    Learn from experts to treat the brain like a muscle. Exercising muscles makes them more flexible and strong. Likewise, exercising mindfulness keeps the brain attuned to the multiple challenges of driving safely.

  • Mindset

    Discover the power of intentionally choosing and working towards an ideal mindset. Rather than putting the adolescent brain in the driver's seat, consciously put your mind in control of the steering wheel. This will keep you and everyone safer.

Course Designer & Teacher

Writer & Educator

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

With a PhD from the University of Toronto in Comparative Literature, Jennifer is an award-winning educator who has taught for twenty years at the university, college and high-school level and also worked with young adults as they are launching their careers. A published author of books & articles, Jennifer believes teens & young adults, teachers, coaches and all who work with young people deserve the most up-to-date information and knowledge, especially when it comes to their well-being and safety. For more, see https://www.neuroparadigm.com.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 1: Learn Self-Regulation to Save Your Life

    • Learn to Regulate the Challenging Adolescent Brain

    • Learn Self-Regulation Video Part 1

    • Learn Self-Regulation Video Part 2

    • Learn Self-Regulation Video Part 3

  • 2

    Lesson 2: Mindfulness and Exercise Are Key for Keeping you Safe on the Road

    • Put Your Mind, Not Your Adolescent Brain in the Driver's Seat

    • Mindfulness and Exercise Video Part 1

    • Mindfulness and Exercise Video Part 2

  • 3


    • Resources for Further Reading

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