Young Drivers 4X More Likely to Crash

  • Grim Statistic

    Bottom line is that young people are 4X more likely to be seriously injured or die in car accidents. Their first year of driving is the most dangerous. Authorities have responded with excellent measures to keep you safe, but there's much more you can do by becoming neuro-informed.

  • Beyond Education

    Experts in adolescence say knowledge is not enough. Young people, well-informed about risk and danger, still put themselves and others into serious accidents by speeding, being distracted or drinking and driving. To keep safe, learn how to manage your developing brain.

  • Global Issue

    Researchers into the developing adolescent brain undertook an extensive study across 10 different countries. Discover what they learned about the need for self-control and why it is so relevant to your safety, your friends' safety and everyone else while on the road.

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Dr. Jennifer Fraser

With a PhD from the University of Toronto in Comparative Literature, Jennifer is an award-winning educator who has taught for twenty years at the university, college and high-school level and also worked with young adults as they are launching their careers. A published author of books & articles, Jennifer believes teens & young adults, teachers, coaches and all who work with young people deserve the most up-to-date information and knowledge, especially when it comes to their well-being and safety. For more, see

Course curriculum

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    Lesson 1: Working with the Adolescent Brain, Not Against It

    • Protecting the Adolescent Brain

    • Protecting the Adolescent Brain Video Part 1

    • Protecting the Adolescent Brain Video Part 2

  • 2

    Lesson 2: Widening The Perspective for Greater Understanding

    • Research into Adolescent Brain Development in 10 Different Countries

    • Research into Adolescent Brain Development Video Part 1

    • Research into Adolescent Brain Development Video Part 2

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    • Resources for Further Reading

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